MT has worked with membrane filtration for more than 25 years. We deliver custom built systems for a variety of applications. We use the best available membranes for the specific application.

We perform complete test onsite or in our test facilities before designing a system. Our pilot plants can work with spiral wound as well as ceramic membrane elements. All the stainless steel work is performed by our workshop in Denmark. Depending on the demands of our customers the electrical components can be customized. The PLCs in our systems come with touch screens and, for instance, Siemens components. A built-in Ethernet card enables us to provide direct customer support.

Our applications involve:
• Reuse of water
• Reuse of material from waste water
• Filtration of waste water
• Concentration of material

We build and deliver system for:
• The oil and gas industry
• The fish processing industry
• Municipal drinking water plants
• The dairy industry
• The chemical industry
• The pharmaceutical industry