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Membranteknikk as delivered the first systems for concentrating whey in 1992 in Norway. For this application Reverse Osmosis (RO) is used to remove water from whey proteins and at the same time obtain a low BOD in the permeate.

Typical applications are:
• RO treatment of cheese whey
• NF treatment of cheese whey
• UF filtration, including diafiltration to obtain WPC products
• MF filtration of skimmed milk to remove spores and bacteria
• MF filtration for Casein standardization
• RO polisher on RO permeate for reuse of water for cleaning


Water is a large component for producers of food and beverage. RO water may be used to clean pipes and cleaning operation. In addition the energy is used to pre heat or cool down other components during production. This type of water may also be used for diafiltration water in WPC or standardization processes.


Whey proteins are used in many different products:

• Brown whey cheese
• WPC products
• Nutritional products

Nano filtration (NF) on cheese whey lowers salt content making sweeter taste.

MF on skimmed milk using ceramic membranes gives several advantages for making Cheese products. Please contact us if you need more information on this application.


Drinking water in Norway is typically taken from surface waters. These surface waters contain color or humic acid which is naturally organic matter (NOM). This may be very small molecules up to particles behaving like tumble weed. Color content varies a lot with seasons in a year. MT has delivered several systems for this application. We use Nano filtration technology capable of handling free chorine and tough chemical cleaning in place (CIP).


MF/UF ceramic system for fractionating both goat and cow milk proteins before making cheese.

MF/UF ceramic system for fractionating both goat and cow milk proteins before making cheese.