MT is composed of excellent, “down to earth” engineers with not only an extended experience, but also with an innovative and practical approach to numerous technical and process issues. They are dedicated to finding the best technical solution for their customers. MT has gained a broad knowledge about diverse membranes applications & technologies. Many professionnals and industries start to know about MT’s technical solutions.

”They make the impossible possible!”
They are then nearly French
— Pierre-Yves M, France

My relation to Membranteknikk/ MT dates back to 2003, when I was asked by principal fishmeal producers to explore the possibilities of introducing membrane filtration for certain applications in the fish meal and oil manufacturing process. Since then we have collaborated on both regular as well as case-to-case basis, comprising interesting field testing and pilot studies. Their unique competence and practical approach of developing appropriate solutions for all kinds of processing challenges no doubt the best insurance of a successful result. In every aspect, Membranteknikk/ MT is truly a “One of a Kind” company.
— Rasmus Gundersen, AGIA Engineering and Consulting

There is a saying: “The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer”. That has my impression of Membranteknikk, since I got in contact around 1991. First Tom and then Odd Henning took orders which nobody else could make work. And they got the systems delivered. Working and paid. Most notorious a system for phosphoric acid purification and also several ceramic filters for produced water.
So if you have difficult membrane job: Talk to Membranteknikk.
— Jørgen Wagner, Membrane Consult

Membrane filtration is a relatively new unit process, mainly known from water desalination and water purification. A lesser known area of membrane filtration is industrial processing and that is where Membranteknikk AS has excelled in the last almost 30 years. Tom Sirnes and his son, Odd Henning Sirnes, stand proud developing processes and concepts in industries spanning dairy, medical and general industry, often against almost impossible odds. In my close to 40 years in this industry I have never experienced a higher degree of dedication and goal oriented efforts. As a supplier and consultant to Membranteknikk AS, I have never seen more commitment catering to the needs of customers - or a higher success rate in solving problems for customers.
— Bjarne Nicolaisen